rss1200Hello there and welcome to my website and my Buell motorcycle addiction. It is November of 2009 as I am writing this. Much has happened in the past few weeks. The Buell Motorcycle company as we know it was killed by their parent company Harley-Davidson. I know I am preaching to the choir of fellow Buell enthusiasts when I voice the suspicion that this move was less a business decision than likely a personal vendetta orchestrated against Erik Buell in some boardroom. Clearly the present state of the economy is tough on the Motorcycle industry, Honda and Yamaha didn't even show up at the EICMA this year, but why kill Buell rather than sell it? I am hopeful to learn soon the real reasons behind the attack on Buell and everyone who enjoyed to be part of something great. That's right. I feel hurt! If you do too, check out my link section for some good background information about this misery and act!

      The bottom line is that Harley should now do what is right and sell Buell to Erik Buell (plus investors which are allegedly waiting with "cash in hand"), so Erik can continue to build American Sport bikes! It is as simple as that.

      When I started this site in 2007 I merely wanted to present and write a little about my collection which covers 10 years of Buell motorcycle lineup: From 1992 to 2002.  Later I thought of offering some of my bikes for rent to other Buell enthusiasts, mainly fellow engineers from Europe spending boring business trip weekend in the Detroit area. I added my rental section here, but decided to close it down due to lack of interest. Thanks to everyone who took me up on my offerings. I know you had a great ride.:-)

      So back to my collection, which I am constantly expanding, and some more Buell-talk. Check out all the Tubers on the following pages, comment on them, correct me, when you see I was wrong and leave some feedback on my wordpress blog. I would really like to provide a platform for Buell news. If anyone wants me to translate anything Buell related from or into German, let me know. Even though I am concentrating my mass onto the tube frame Buells, I am still interested in the fuel frame bikes. I have seen the Barracuda spy photo and ride a 1125CR since a couple of weeks. What a difference!!! Now I really need to become friends with the local law enforcement!

      Again, Welcome to my site and let me know what you think! Thanks!

      Take care,